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How To Share Files From Computer To Android?

Hey, guys welcome to my blog. Today I will be writing about file sharing from computer to android or android to computer. Many of us may know this already but still, there are few people who don’t know how to share file between computer and android so I have brought this article for those people. If this information should be known by all then please make sure to share this article with your friends and family. I have seen many people ask help in the facebook group or any other tech forum about sharing file between computer and android phone so I thought this will be a good topic to write an article.

Steps to be followed to share file between computer and Android phones:-

Step1:- Open play store and search for the app called “Share it” and install that app on your android phone.

Step2:- Go to google and search for “Shareit for PC” and download the app.

Step3:- After the download is done open that .exe file and install share it on your pc.

Step4:- Open “Shareit” app on your android.

Step5:- Open “Shareit” app on your PC.

Step6:- Click on send and at the down of the screen you will see an option like “Connect to PC” click on that.

Step7:- The name on the share it of PC will be shown after clicked on connect to pc tap that and your computer and your android will be connected to each other now you can share file between computer and android very easily.

NOTE:- Both the computer and Android devices must be connected to the same network otherwise share it will not work properly so make sure you are connected on the same network for better file transfer. It is not necessary to connect on the same device as android will be connected to computer hotspot.

Hope you have learnt something from this article I will be back soon with a brand new article till that time stay safe and stay happy. Also, make sure to give feedback about this article and also make sure to give me a suggestion on what should I write next article on.

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