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What Is Penetration Testing And It’s Phases ? || Part 1

Hey guys what’s up hope you all are fine. Today I will be explaining to you what pentesting really is. I hope you guys will learn something from this article. So, we will be discussing what pentesting is, who it is done and what are it’s used. So without any delay let’s move towards our topic.

Many of you may know penetration/pentesting testing as hacking. One day I asked some random people what hacking really is and I was shocked by their answer. Many of them answer me it is an illegal activity. Some answered me knowing another facebook, google, twitter and other media account password is hacking. Some also answered me that robbing money from internet is hacking. So, this was an answer from some people of Asia continent. So, many of us still do not know what hacking really is. So hacking a process of exploiting the system. And can be categorized into two types good hacking and bad hacking. Where good hacking means pentesting/ethical hacking and bad hacking means black hat hacking. And the person who does hacking is known with a word hacker. The person who does good hacking is known as a

white hat hacker and the person who does bad hacking is known as a black hat hacker. So, now let’s move to what is pentesting.

What is Penetration testing/Pentesting/Ethical Hacking?

  • Pentesting(penetration testing) is the process of testing the system for any kind of vulnerabilities/weakness to make it secure from being exploited.
  • OR, Pentesting/Ethical hacking is the process of exploiting the system to check any type of exploitable vulnerabilities.

So, how a pentester do pentesting. Almost most of the pentester follow the same process to check any system. No only pentester even black hat also almost use the same process to hack/exploit the system. And all those processes is called Phases of Pentesting. We will only see the topic of those phase in this article and I will explain those phase one by one in upcoming article.

Phases Of Pentesting/Ethical Hacking (Basic Knowledge)

  • Pre-Engagement Actions or Pre-Planning
  • Reconnaissance or Foot-printing
  • Threat Modeling & Vulnerability Identification
  • Exploitation
  • Post-Exploitation
  • Reporting

Hope you guys have learnt something from this article next articles in the phases of pentesting will come soon. Till that time goodbye. If you liked this article then make sure to suggest this site to your friends and family. And also make sure to subscribe our newsletter to get a notification when we upload new articles. Will be back soon till that time stay safe and stay happy.


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