Why is blood red in color ?

Why is blood red in color???

So , welcome back again guys . Many of you may be wondering why our blood is red in color. This question is interesting one questions and we can get many knowledge required for us in our daily life .
As we all know and have seen that the blood is red in color but why is it so??

Because it is made/composed up of cell that are red, which is also called RBC(Red Blood Cell). But if you want to understand why is these cells red in color you have yo study them on a molecular level. I hope that all of you have listened the word hemoglobin. In red blood cell there is a protein known as hemoglobin and each hemoglobin protein are made up of sub units called Hemes, which gives the blood its red color.¬† Especially the hemes can bind(“tie or fasten (something) tightly together”) iron molecules, due to the iron molecules it bind oxygen. The interaction between iron and oxygen takes place and as a result it makes the bleed cells as red(means:- The reason why it is red is that how the chemical bond between the iron and oxygen reflect light). It is very important/necessary for blood to be capable to carry oxygen because¬† when the blood over overflow through the lungs, it carry up oxygen and give it to rest of the body part until the oxygen is all used and again it return back to the lungs to get more amount of oxygen.

In other short way we can also say that color of the blood is red from the protein(hemoglobin) and it has a molecule named as ‘heme’ which has the metal iron in it. Whenever the iron is oxygenated, it becomes red. And when the iron is no oxygenated or deoxygenated than it’s color is darker red.

We can also say blood is red because of red blood cell and especially the main reason is hemoglobin because hemoglobin is found in red blood cells. Hemoglobin is a protein that forms a composite/complex (“consisting of many different and connected parts”) with iron molecules and they together donate/transmit oxygen molecules to all the body. Our blood looks red because Iron has a property that of reflecting red light and since our body consists of so many Iron in our blood red is seen in blood. When hemoglobin is bring a lot of oxygen or when it leaves the lungs the color of the blood is bright red. But when most of the oxygen has been discharged to the body, blood color is dark red. But some of the people say the blood is blue also if we see it carefully to make them clear, blood is never blue. Veins under light colored skin only look blue because the skin changes the optical properties of the light that passes through the skin. In other words we can say, our skin changes the way light is reflected from the blood and we think that as it has a different color.


Source:- UCSB ScienceLine

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